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Half a paycheck, $10.00 off coupons, and TGIF!

August 26th, 2005 at 08:36 am

I've been so busy at work the last week I've barely had a chance to do anything. Thanks goodness we're still in the Fridays
off realm. Today and next Friday - then it's back to the five day work week...whatever shall I do? lol

Okay, so yesterday was to be my first paycheck of the new school year! I checked our account online .... and I only received
half of my paycheck! Huh? So I called payroll and asked what had happened. Apparently they 'forgot' that I started on
August 2nd and not August 16th (as the elementary school office managers do) - so she only paid me from the 16th.
Great. She said she would request the balance of my check from the county right away and I would receive another
check on Monday. That's fine - luckily we don't 'need' it for anything right away. It's just so frustrating because pretty
much every year I can count on some glitch with that first paycheck. I've been there 9 years - you'd think they'd have
it straight by now. Oh well, what can you do? At least I'll get the rest of it soon.

To the person who cautioned me about being careful about the expirations of gift cards, I appreciate the reminder =)
However, I live in California and a year or so ago they passed a law that says that gift cards cannot expire. That's why
I was thinking it would be a good deal for us to do that. In fact, I have a friend in Canada who sent me her Starbuck's
giftcards that had expired there. They still took them here in California =) Yay!

Several months back we were receiving $10.00 off a $50.00 grocery purchase coupons from Vons. I LOVED those
coupons and used them religiously! We stopped receiving them and I was so disappointed. However, yesterday in
the mail there was a postcard from Pavilions; it had two $10.00 off coupons! I was thrilled! Then, this morning on our
walk, I found another one of the postcards on the ground! Now I have four coupons for $10.00 off! And the coupons
don't expire for a month, so I'll use one every week...starting today! It's the little things in life, know what I mean? lol

I need to run a few errands today - Walmart, grocery shopping...and I might stop by JC Penney again to see if I can
pick up a few more bargains in the 75% off area. Plus, when I was there last weekend, I saw sets of 3 photo albums that
were really pretty - I thought they'd make a nice gift. I can't remember what the price was though, so I thought I'd
check that out. If they're reasonable I might pick up a few sets and give them out as gifts. Probably not for this
Christmas, but maybe for next. I'm pretty well set for this Christmas. I do have a few more gifts to buy, but I'm about
85% finished. Of those I have left to buy for, I at least have some ideas of what to get. That's half of the battle!

2 Responses to “Half a paycheck, $10.00 off coupons, and TGIF!”

  1. Janet Says:

    I was interested in a TGIF coupon

  2. Kim Myers Says:

    I am interested in a TGIF coupon

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