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More bargains this weekend!

August 28th, 2005 at 09:40 am

So Friday I stopped at JC Penney again to see if I could find any more bargains in the 75% off range. ...and I did! I found
two pairs of shorts - one denim, one khaki. They are the Crazy Horse brand that I like and they fit perfectly. They had
been $29.00 - which is ghastly! I would never spend that for shorts! At any rate, they were 75% off, so I got them for
$6.49 each! Great deal in my book! I also bought a few Crazy Horse T-shirts. I put those away so that I have something
fun and new next spring =) All in all I bought the two pairs of shorts and 5 tops for $47.00. I think those are great deals.
Since I bought so many things this year at great bargains, next summer I won't have to buy a thing!

Friday I also went to Walmart and picked up a few things. I used several coupons there - which I often forget when I'm
shopping at Walmart - and saved about $10.00 in coupons. Pretty good. They don't have a regular grocery store in our
Walmart, but they do have a nice grocery sections, so I bought the things I needed there. Altogether I spent about $60.00.
Yesterday we went to the grocery store. We bought the rest of what we needed for the week and stocked up on a few
good meat deals for the freezer. We were able to use one of our $10.00 off coupons, so our total came to just $50.00.
For all of the meat we bought, I think that's pretty decent.

Last night we BBQ'd at mother in laws house. We had a really nice time =) It was nice because we brought some things
and she had some things - and it turned out to be a really nice dinner with about 1/4 of the expense of going out. Then
we walked around Victoria Gardens. What a neat place! We went there once, but it was after my surgery and I didn't
have a lot of energy to walk around. I'd like go back again - may Veteran's day weekend or something when it's not
quite so crowded. But it was fun, even with all the people there. We went to the Kirkland store - my favorite place! - and
found some great deals. They had these adorable ceramic bird tealight candle holders. They were on sale from $3.99 to
$1.99! I bought two of them and I think I'll give them to Rose as a Christmas gift. They also had some of there
Christmas items out already and they were really cute - and also great deals. They had small ceramic hurricane-type
lamps that hold tealight candles - some had santas, some snowmen and some angels. They were only $2.99 each! I
bought 3 of the santas and will hold them as 'just in case' gifts. They also had adorable snowmen salt and pepper shakers
for $2.99. I bought two sets of those also. It's rare to find something that's really nice for that small amount of money,
so I thought I'd buy a few to have on hand. We also found some beautiful candle holders for the house - very Tuscan
looking in burgundy - just perfect for our house. They were on sale at $10.99 for a set of three. All in all we spent
at total of $30.00. I also love shopping there because their tax base is less than ours! Yet another bonus =)

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