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4-Day Weekend!

September 1st, 2005 at 08:40 pm

Man am I ever glad that I have a 4-day weekend. Work has been so busy the last few weeks that I am exhausted! This
will be our last Friday off, but that's okay - I'm so grateful that during non-school times (after school is out in June and
before it starts in September), we have Fridays off.

Eventhough it was a busy day, it was a good one, too. We had our first faculty meeting of the year - which went well. I
had contacted our local Mimi's restaurant and they made a donation of 3 dozen muffins. Our local Trader Joe's also made
a donation of fresh fruit - we had plenty and then some! In fact, since there is a 4-day weekend, those of us in the office
split up the muffins and some of the fruit that wouldn't last the weekend...and I brought home 4 HUGE muffins, 2 plums,
2 nectarines, 2 bananas and 2 Asian pears. Yummy! Breakfast for several days! Then the district had it's annual
welcome back BBQ and benefits fair. We went to that and had BB'd hamburgers, chips, drinks and brownies for lunch - for
free =) Then we visited the vendors at the benefits fair and picked up information and freebies. One of the offerings at
the fair today was a 10 minute massage. Mercy - it was wonderful. However, I must say - I've been so busy and stressed
that the therapist really did a number on me...and all afternoon and evening I've felt like a limp dishrag! I can hardly
wait to hit my pillow - which I'll be doing very soon!

Then, this evening a neighbor came to my door and asked if he could trade some of the lemons on our tree for some of
the apples on his tree -- and I said of course!! Our fruit bowl runneth over. lol

Tomorrow I want to get all of the laundry done as well as the grocery shopping. I'll be using another $10.00 off coupon -
and with all of the rises in gas prices, I'm going to allow about $25.00 extra or so for some stocking up. I'm also going
to check the stock of things that we have in the cellar and replace emergency batteries and check all emergency supplies
down there to make sure that it's ready to go in case we need it. Not that I'm anticipating we will, but then again in
earthquake country, you just never know.

We've decided that, on Saturday, we're going to make a pilgrimage to the old Ambassador hotel. It's been slated for
demolition, but there has been a group that's been fighting it; they gave up the ghost this past week and they are going
to go ahead and begin the demolition. We'd like to get some last photographs before that happens. What a shame that
it will be torn down - sad though it is, it has historical significance that will be ashame to lose, but there you have it
- progress I suppose.

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