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Working around the house

September 3rd, 2005 at 09:25 am

Well I worked around the house yesterday on my last Friday off. It was great! I did spend a bit of money that probably
wasn't 'necessary', but it was for around the house and we will use everything, so I don't feel too badly about it. I had
a fun day accomplishing all I did - vacuuming, all laundry, meal planning, coupons, grocery store, Target and Big Lots,
cleaned kitchen well and changed all the cupboard and drawer knobs...it was fun! But I sure was tired by the time I
finished everything.

One of the things I bought yesterday at Target was a radio for our emergency supply area. I realized I didn't have one!
That wouldn't be good - we would definitely need to have information, so I found and inexpensive radio at Target - it
was only $9.99 - and will stash it with fresh batteries down in the cellar with all of the other emergency items. I am
going to go through those items this weekend and actually make a list of what we have -- so I can better determine what
we still need.

I did pretty well at the grocery store - buying items with my loyalty card, using manufacturers coupons and my $10.00
off coupon, I ended up saving $43.00! I think that's pretty good. I didn't end up buying my stock ups for emergencies
yesterday because I hadn't gone through our supplies yet. However, since I'm doing that this weekend, I'm going to
make my list and then stock up either Monday or next weekend.

We were thinking of going to a museum today, but decided to scrap that idea. It would be $10.00 a piece for the admission,
$6.00 to park, plus the gas to get there. We decided to scrap that adventure for today and save the $.

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