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I love Mondays! ...when it's a holiday

September 5th, 2005 at 09:25 am

Well we finished working on cleaning out the cellar and restocking our emergency supplies. I'd like to get more water to
put down there, but other than that, everything is set. Smart and Final is having a sale - buy 1 case of water, get 2 free.
I think we will stop by there later today and pick that up. It made both of us feel better knowing that everything was
re-freshed and available to us in an emergency. We have canned goods stored on a metal shelving unit and other things
(medical supplies, candles, batteries, matches, tools, gloves and 'soft' foods) stored in big plastic bins. I think at this point,
we're as ready as we can be...I just hope we never have to use those items...because that would mean there was a
major emergency.

Yesterday we relaxed. Later in the day we went to mom and dad's for an end of summer swim a BBQ steak dinner. We
had a nice time...and the steaks were delicious! I ate every morsel of mine =) Mom also insisted that we take some of
the dessert home - angel food cake iced with real whipped cream and strawberries. Sounds good to us! We were all
supposed to go to lunch today - MIL, Brian, Amanda, Kevin and myself - so we thought we'd take this cake to share.
Well, as always, plans changed...now they're all coming here for lunch. Oh well, at least they're bringing lunch...we'll
still supply the cake for dessert.

School actually starts on Wednesday, but due to massive scheduling changes, tomorrow will be another horrendously
busy day. I can't wait for school to start...at least then things can begin to settle down and get back to normal!

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