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Emergency Stash

September 29th, 2005 at 06:51 am

Thanks to everyone for your input on the flex account. I think we've decided to go ahead and give it a try this year and
see how it works out. We'll dedicate $200.00 to it and see how far that goes. If it does well and we need more next
year, we'll add it. If we end up having money left at the end of the year, we'll stock our medicine cabinet with OTC items.

I'm going to try the emergency stash of cash again. We tried it last year, but ended up spending it. I'm going to try to
take $40.00 or so from each pay period until we've built up to around $500.00. I think that's plenty to have on hand
in case of an emergency. Honestly, if worse came to worse, we'd have more than that here anyway. Our change jar
at any given time has $50.00 - $100.00 in it, plus we have a stash of old and new bills that we could use if we had to -
there's at least another $300.00, so I know we'd be fine.

I'd sent in a form to General Mills for a rebate on Cheerios. You had to supply a copy of the original receipt - which I did.
The receipt showed that I bought two boxes of cinnamon apple Cheerios for $5.00. Because I bought two boxes, I
sent in for two rebates. I received the checks in the mail yesterday - they sent TWO $5.00 rebates! Yahoo! Those,
plus a check from mom for $18.00, will go into the account today.

It's been a good week so far! Well, except for allergies. Ugh!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Another good way is the credit/gift cards so you don't have cash lying around the house. each of my family members, along with some cash and chage in small bills, have a "gift" card type of card that has $500. It can be used any place credit cards can be used, money can be added to it and we carry them in our emergency bags. (the bags we have set up that if we had to evacuate quickly we grab these bags and go!)

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