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How did it get to be October...already?!

October 3rd, 2005 at 06:48 am

I can't believe October is here already! That means the holidays are just around the corner. Where did the year go?

It was a nice weekend. We spent a little money, but nothing too extravagant. On Saturday we went to the horse races
with my mom and dad and Kevin's mom. We had a really good time. Didn't win a whole lot, but didn't lose a whole lot
either. We ended up spending about $80.00; it was $8.50 each to get in, our combined lunch total was $15.00, and we
spent another $7.00 on 2 large sodas. That means we only lost about $40.00 total on betting 8 races for each of us -
not too bad at all we thought. And we all had a really fun day! ...so it was worth it.

Yesterday we just stayed home mostly, and did things around the house. We finished off all the laundry, picked up around
the house, Kevin washed the car and I went grocery shopping. I spent $79.00 which is really just around the average for
us. With the exception of dinner out one night a week (usually casual dining, nothing extravagant), and an ocassional
lunch out here and there, we eat all of our meals at home (or bring them from home). Plus, I used a slew of coupons and
our loyalty card - so I saved $70.00!! I thought that was pretty good. We also went to Target and picked up a few
things. One of them was an unplanned purchase, but it was such a good deal I couldn't pass it up. They had seasons
1 and 2 of the Gilmore Girls on sale for $18.88. That's a huge savings over the normal $49.99 price tag, so I bought
both seasons. Plus, by sending in the proof of purchase, I'll get a $10.00 rebate, so both seasons together were right around
$30.00. Yayay! I love that show =) Maybe I'll ask for seasons 3 and 4 for Christmas.

I also made turkey soup yesterday with the leftover turkey breast from last week. The soup is delicious! I just love
homemade soup. It's all divied up in containers and we'll take it for lunches this week.

More later - I have to go to work now!

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