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Frontier House

October 5th, 2005 at 06:49 am

I borrowed the DVD set of the PBS show Frontier House from one of our teachers and watched the first three episodes
last night. Boy, am I ever thankful that I wasn't around then! I probably would have survived, but I'm not altogether
sure. It certainly was a difficult life filled with trials and tribulations - we have many of those today, too, but they are
far different now than they were then. Interesting show - I'm really enjoying it. I'm also borrowing the first three seasons of Northern Exposure from a friend. I just love free entertainment!

Well I signed us up for $200.00 in a flex spending account. The agent says she thinks we'll use it so much that $200.00
won't nearly be enough, but this is really just a trial for us. She may be absolutely right and next year we'll add more,
but this will be a good start. I also asked her about a strange letter I'd received from their company in May/June. The
letter stated that my life insurance policy was no longer in effect. Then, when I received my next paycheck, I saw that
they were still taking the life insurance deduction out of my check, so I assumed the letter was a mistake. The agent
called her office and, sure enough, the policy was no longer in force. We called our payroll department to see what had
happened and, apparently, they only sent in ONE payment for me, but had been taking it out of my check all year. Great.
The called the company and told them they would issue a retro check with all of the back payments, so the company
said I was fine - completely covered. Sometimes our payroll department makes me soooo mad! The one person who
does the classified payroll is a nice lady, but she makes a TON of mistakes. Grrrrrr. Well, at least it all worked out in the
end, but still, it's aggrivating!

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