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November 7th, 2005 at 08:22 am

I am sick again - or maybe it's still. I usually don't get sick that often, so I have to think that it's still. It will be better for a few days and then I get it all over again. I finally decided I want it gone for good. I made an appointment to see the doctor this morning at 10:00 . I really hate taking another day off work, but I really feel that I need to knock whatever this is out.

Saturday Kevin had a game and I went to Debbie's for girls day. My sister and I started this monthy tradition about 15 years ago. One month it's at my house and I pcik the activity; the next month it's at her house and she picks the activity. Saturday it was shopping at the new mall in Simi Valley. We had a great day. I bought a few cards, a candle and holiday planner at Hallmark - total was about $25.00. Then I spent $100.00 at Coldwater Creek. I bought two gorgeous sweaters that have detachable long knit scarves. I bought one last year and nearly wore it to death. They are so soft and comfortable and they fit so nicely. I know they are a bit pricey, but Coldwater Creek has very well made merchandise - I really don't mind spending a bit more for it. Besides, I look at it as really buying four pieces instead of just two. Many of the other stores we went into had similar sweaters and scarves that were sold separately. The sweaters were $39.00 and the scarves were $19.50, so the Coldwater Creek deal ends up being the better of the two. Plus, for spending $100.00, I received a beautiful sterling silver and amethyst pendant and earring set. It was really beautiful and will go perfectly with one of the sweaters that I bought since it's purple.

I bought lunch and a treat for sister and myself. She's been having a really hard time lately and I felt that she needed some extra TLC - since she doesn't ever get that from her selfish husband. He irritates me to no end. Grrr. Anyway, she mentioned needing some time for herself. She said she thought she'd take a day off work just to have some time to herself. I felt bad about that. She definitely needs some time, there's no doubt about that. But I hate to see her take time off for that - she's the one that always ends up having to take off when the boys are sick, so I think she pretty much uses all of her time every year. Since Friday is a holiday for all of us and Kevin and I were going to make a trek to the Reagan library, we offered to pick up the boys and take them with us and then go to lunch afterwards. That way she can have the better portion of the day to herself - to sleep, read, clean...whatever she'd like to do. She was thrilled with the idea - and so were the boys. Sounds like Friday will be a great day all the way around =)

Yesterday Kevin and I pretty much just vegged. We put up a fire and sat around all day reading, napping and watching TV. It was great! We don't often have a chance to do that, so we really enjoyed it.

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